Friday, November 03, 2006

The St. Petersburg hotels

The St. Petersburg hotels are traditionally divided according to their level and quality of services. The most wide-spread are 3-star hotels, and there is a great deal of them in St. Petersburg. The most fascinating thing about them is their price, which is much lower comparing with that of the other groups of hotels in spite of the fact that the hotels conditions are of a good quality, and there are all the necessary appliances. In the rooms one can find everything needed for a great and comfortable rest.

Friday, April 28, 2006


I met a girl in a haze of cigarette smoke and too many beers
That familiar pull at 2:30 AM where everyone is beautiful
We drunk-walked to a booth and sat down both on the same side
She kept touching the tip of my nose with her index finger
When she did this she'd lean in close with her head ducked down
She would look up with half blitzed eyes and smile with booze seduction
Equally smashed I grinned back and grazed my hand down her cheek
We talked our shit, working each other for several minutes
Then squeezed outside the bar smoke catching at our heads and clothing
We clung to each other laughing moving up the dark sidewalk
Like two lovers even though we'd never met before
We had been stopping every time we saw a tree, doorway,
Or anything else that would support us while we kissed and fondled
We stumbled in my building and she giggled when I knocked the news rack over
In the elevators we were all over each other missing my floor twice
She pushed me into my apartment and closed the door
Shoes and socks, pants and skirts, shirts and bras, underwear
Kicked off, pulled off, pealed away, stripped down, scattered everywhere
Kissing and hugging, tonguing and teasing, groping and gripping
Biting and nibbling, panting and moaning, hot and bothered
The first time was on the floor in my hallway and for maybe ten minutes
The second time, after a shared Heineken, we made it to the bed
Twenty minutes later we lay on the twisted sheets, covers kicked off
Sweating, drained, panting, but not satisfied
She started a cigarette and I threw it out the window then she slapped me
I gripped up inside her thigh and we started again
I drifted to sleep a half hour later with her head on my chest
My breathing rustled her wavy brown hair
I think I got up once but I don't remember I think she did too
Around 8 o'clock I woke up, feeling great and awful at the same time
I got some juice from the fridge and spilled half tripping over one of her heels
Cursing softly I drank the rest and threw our clothes in a pile on the couch
When I got back down the hall she was still passed out face down on the bed
I patted her ass and climbed in next to her pulling a blanket over us
After staring at the ceiling for a hard five minutes I gave up and went to sleep
Chances are if I didn't know her name by now a few more hours wouldn't matter


Monday, March 20, 2006


My husband and I had discussed swinging for years, but I had always chickened out just short of finding someone to share my charms with. Finally Gary surprised me by signing us up on a website that matches up Lifestyle-minded people and we started talking to potential candidates online. Many different people were interested in having sex with us but very quickly there was one that stood out. His name was Scott and besides liking all the same sexual activities and being completely insatiable, we got along during everyday conversation as well. The only problem was he lived across the country from us, in Boston.
I usually don't make a habit of having cybersex with every guy I talk to online, but something about our easy rapport set me at ease and, after checking his pictures to make sure he was nice to look at, I found myself removing my clothing. Gary was napping on the couch nearby as the conversation I was having with Scott turned steamy. He wanted to watch as Gary ate out my pussy and then he wanted to fuck me as my orgasm was still pulsating through my cunt. It was difficult to type with one hand on my breast and the other on my hot, wet clit, but I managed to tell Scott how much I wanted to suck his cock until it was nice and hard and then fuck him senseless until he came inside me. Then my husband could eat out all the creaminess that he had just watched Scott pump into me. When we were done I told Gary to read what we had typed back and forth and he came into the bedroom after reading it more turned on than I had seen him in a long time. We had wild, hard sex talking about everything we wanted to do with Scott if he came to visit us. We agreed that the sooner he could make the trip, the better.
After a few more sessions of cybersex and fun conversation I told Gary I wanted to step things up and call Scott on the phone. I talked to my cyber-lover online first for a while and then gave him my phone number. I was nervous at first, because I had never actually had phone sex before, but again Scott managed to make me feel like an adventurous, sexy young woman instead of the plain mother of two I had started to see myself as. Gary came into the room and started touching my wet pussy and rubbing my clit while Scott whispered in my ear that he wanted to feel my soft lips around his cock. His cute Boston accent emphasized the fact that this was a stranger and that turned me on very quickly.
In no time at all my cunt was soaking and Gary started licking my clit. I moaned and Scott demanded to know what Gary was doing. I brokenly told him that Gary was eating me out and that I was still fantasizing about sucking his cock. Soon my passion began to build toward a climax and I told Scott I was close to cumming. I heard his breathing get heavier and his voice deepen as he described the pre-cum decorating his cock like glistening cake icing. I started moaning louder under my husband's experienced tongue and he put two fingers in my hot cunt. I told Scott I wished I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue as I teased the tip of his rock hard cock and his breathing suddenly got even heavier. All I could hear were his pants as he came hard in response to my words.
"Wow," he commented, and my own orgasm built very quickly because of the knowledge that my voice and description of my fantasies had led Scott to complete ecstasy. I came with quite a lot of moaning and thrusting of my hips toward Gary's eager mouth. He stopped licking right after I climaxed and fit his own hard, waiting cock into my wet opening. I gasped and told Scott that Gary was fucking my while I was still cumming.
Scott moaned and said, "Okay. I'm caressing your breasts and sucking your nipples and touching you all over." I told him I was rubbing his cock and that he could fuck my soft breasts as soon as he was hard again. Gary started thrusting harder, turned on by my words and by my wet pussy caressing his cock as he fucked me. He grasped my hips and groaned as he came deep in me. He smiled and I told Scott we had satisfied my husband very well.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Guess What! I Met A Girl

Guess What! I Met A Girl
(The following is another "true to life" account of my affairs of the heart...)
(Please, read "My Life, So Far" first, as there are some references that might not make sense, unless you read them in order. Thanks, ENJOY...)
* * * * *
After being depressed for half a year, over losing the first real love of my life, Julie, to a goddamned drunk driver, I "bumped," quite literally, into a real beauty.
I was ecstatic! Elated!! And more. (I was very happy, needless to say!!)
Her name is Melissa, "Mel" to her fiends (and don't ever call her "Lisa" 'coz she'll break your arm!!) and, boy, is she a knock-out!!
She is twenty-two years old, 5'8" tall. Her vital stats: 35c-24-33, and she's a full-time Physical Therapy student at the University, where I met her!!
We almost hit each other on our bikes! She was just getting started into biking seriously (new bike, helmet, pads, etc.) so she couldn't ride nearly as far, hard, fast as I could, then... but, who cared!! With a body like hers, she didn't need to keep up with anyone!!
One more thing...
Oh God, does she LOVE to fuck!!
After our second date (I thought I'd get nowhere with her. She was so darn serious all through our bike ride) she asked me up to her dorm room for a drink of ice water.
Duh--I said yes!!
Once there, I wanted to kiss her. She didn't fight me. In fact, she kissed me back! With her tongue in my mouth!!
I grabbed her left breast with my shaky right hand, and tweaked her nipple. She laughed and fell back on her bed.
I apologized for my stupid tremor, when she asked, "Parkinson's?" I told her it was something like that, not believing how she even knew what that was. But, before I could ask her, she'd taken off her shirt and was reaching for my shorts, in one swift motion! I got her bra off with little difficulty. I'd learned how from Julie! (Dear, sweet Julie...[sniff])
Once topless, I feasted my eyes on the most magnificent pair of breasts this side of Heaven!
I asked her to take off the rest of her clothes. She did... Then I asked her to help me out of my clothes. She did...
So, there we were. Both bare assed naked. Wondering what to do next... SHE WAS A VIRGIN!! So was I, practically.
I decided to make the first move. I grabbed for her nipples and pinched them, lightly. She let out a squeal that was so cute, I fell in love with her, right then and there!
She said she wanted to lick my "thingy".
"OK. But I want to lick yours, too," I said, breathing heavily!
69/Sixty-Nine was achieved that day!!
I made sure that she had an orgasm before I got out a condom, from my bike bag("Be prepared" I learned in the Boy Scouts") and showed Mel how to put it on me using, only, her mouth. (Another trick that Julie showed me. God, I really did miss her![sniff!])
But, Mel was too tight!! It took fifteen minutes of poking and prodding with my fingers, tongue and a carrot that she had in her fridge to open her up enough to get my penis into her tight, hot, very wet box!! By this time I could have pounded a hole in the wall with my hard-on!!
But, it was worth it!!
I fucked her up... I fucked her down!! We fucked standing, sitting, laying down--with her on top and with me on top!!
I started to feel the tingling in my soul! That tell-tale sign that I was going to cum! Just before I lost it, I pulled my cock from her pussy, reached over and grabbed some Vaseline from her nightstand, and greased up her anus. I rolled the rubber off my dick and plunged myself, all the way up her tight little bung hole and came!! I must have released a lifetime of FRUSTRATION, ANGER, DENIAL, DEPRESSION, ACCEPTANCE...ALL THAT EDNA K. ROSS SHIT JUST FLOODED OUT OF ME IN THAT ONE EJACULATION!!
And all Mel said in a squeaky, rasping, very quiet voice was, "...thank you."
* * * * *
Well, that's our story and we're stickin' with it!
I'm writing this story from Mel's dorm room, right now.
Mel wants to say something:
"Hi, all you readers in Literotica-Land! I love BB's bod! You all oughta' try it sometime!!"
Aww, Mel. You're makin' me blush!!
Love ya' later, kiddies!!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Beach Play
He revelled in the warmth of a summer's day. As he sat on the beach he could see her and he watched with great anticipation as she splashed about in the shallow water. Her blonde waist length hair plastered down by the salty water. As she frolicked, he noticed her pale blue swimsuit was becoming translucent and her dark nipples showed as her bust heaved. She stopped just long enough to notice his staring eyes. After many years of friendship he was finally noticing her. Evelyn left the water, her body glistening with the salt water dripping from her hair. As she walked toward him, Shane gazed at her body observing the sights of her nipples and mound through the thin material of her bathers.
Shane watched the rise and fall of her young and upturned breasts and looked at her nipples swollen into strawberry ripeness by the cold ocean water. He felt himself responding in a way that surprised him. Shane had never thought that he could be interested in someone he had known for so long. Yet there it was, the perfect body he had always dreamed of, moving closer to him.
Evelyn thanked him for handing her the soft white towel that was lying between them and was pleased when Shane offered to help her dry off. His strong hands brushed lightly over her body and his scent surrounding her excited them both. As Shane stood there, his mind pursuing the pleasures her warm body might hold for him, Evelyn moved closer leaving him no room for doubt.
As she kissed him, her hands moved slowly down his chest and all over his well-muscled body, feeling his muscles ripple under her supple hands. Realising that Shane was as aroused as she was, Evelyn kissed him again, more passionately and moaned softly. She felt his hands caressing her firm breasts, his fingers gently playing across her aroused nipples.
Together they slipped down onto the large beach blanket they had spread out earlier with more innocent intention. Now Evelyn kissed him from his neck down, only stopping to nibble here and there. When she came to the top of Shane's bathers she untied the cord around his waist and lowered his swimsuit, releasing his hardened cock and carefully took it deep into her mouth. Shane rolled on to his back and groaned, closing his eyes as he felt her sucking and gently nipping at the tip of his cock. It took all his concentration to hold back when Evelyn went from the tip to taking the whole length in one long slow swallow. Having taken his length into her mouth, Evelyn worked her tongue around the head of his large cock and then began to flick her tongue. She began to move back and forth in a rapid motion and he gasped once more as she took his entire length in her mouth and moved it up and down.
Not knowing how he could hold out if her mouth kept moving the length of his cock, Shane rolled Evelyn on to her back and peeled off her bathers. Rolling the swimsuit from her wet body, filling his eyes with the vision of her sun warmed flesh. He pressed his mouth onto one of her nipples, gently squeezing the hardening nipple between his sharp teeth. He gently nipped her bud, hearing her gasp with delight. When she was naked he moved his hands to her crotch and opened her thighs, his moves gentle but firm across the soft downy thatch of her pubic hair.
As his hand penetrated further he felt the soft warmth of her groin moisten. He slipped his fingers inside her wet tunnel, placed his thumb on her clit and began to rub it in a firm circular motion. Evelyn bucked as jolts of electricity ran though her body. Feeling herself close to climax she pulled Shane to her and he entered her cave.
He plunged in and out of her body with ever increasing ferocity, bringing Evelyn closer to her zenith. His body covered with sweat gleamed in the sunlight as he felt her contract around his member. Spurred on by her moaning and violent pelvic movements he pumped faster, and then felt small shocks as they came together.
Lying in each other's arms, their breathing slowed and their bodies cooled. Thinking that the beach was empty they ran to the water's edge and dove in for a relaxing swim.
If you are around tomorrow I may tell you what I saw later on in the day.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


In the Sauna
She walked in to the men's sauna, knowing there was only one person within. Dressed in black spike heels, a mini skirt and blouse all in black she was drop dead gorgeous. Everything he always wanted, she shook her head and smiled. This was going to be interesting.
She turned around the corner to find him sitting there, head back and eyes closed. This was going to surprise him! He heard a soft clack clack, of women's heels? Women's heels in the men's sauna room, this could be interesting he was the only one here. What could anyone wants with him?
His head shot up and his eyes flew open. Before him stood the sexiest creature he'd ever seen. Who was she? He couldn't see her clearly through the steam.
"Enjoying your sauna hunny?"
"Uh, yes ma'am, I am. Is there something I can help you with?"
"As a matter of fact there is." Her smile spread into a grin and she stalked over to stand directly in front of him.
"And what is that my dear?" He was getting flustered with her being this close. She was doing strange things to him. He couldn't think like this. His mind was wandering to places better left to the imagination.
With his beautiful body stretched out on the bench she could see his arousal clearly underneath the towel. She placed a hand on it and rubbed slow small circles. His eyes drifted shut, still not quite knowing who she was. Although he did have a fair idea who it was he wouldn't let on. He let his head loll back, might as well enjoy it while it lasts. She's too good to be true.
He felt the towel being slowly unwrapped. What luck he was having today! The air felt cool against his skin when the towel had been removed. He lifted slightly when he felt her tug on the towel under his butt.
Now completely exposed to her he looked up at the 'mysterious' lady. He still couldn't quite make out all her features. All he knew was that the more he saw of her the more sexy he thought she was, the more aroused he became.
He smiled up at her and winked. She grinned back at him and let her fingers lightly graze his exposed member. He sighed and she lifted her skirt.
She spread her legs and straddled him. He smoothed his hands down her thighs and rested his hands against her knees. She slowly lowered herself to kneeling on the bench. As she got lower his hands moved higher until they rested gently on her waist.
He slid his hands up and down her sides. She bunched her skirt around her waist, he moved his hands to her thighs. She opened her shirt and pulled her bra down, exposing her breasts to him. She drew his head to her breasts and he kissed them each in turn.
She leaned back a little to allow him more access. He took full advantage, kissing, licking, fondling and nipping at her breasts and nipples.
She reached down and slowly guided him to her hot spot. He slid into her with ease. He moaned at the sensation and attacked her breasts with more enthusiasm then before.
She bounced hard and fast causing him throw back his head and bite down on his lower lip. She smiled down at him and placed his hands on her waist. He held her firmly there and thrust up into her. She moaned and writhed and panted. He groaned and she knew he was close.
She bounced that much harder, he mumbled something she couldn't quite make out but knew the meaning of. He was going to cum. She took him all the way and held him there, milking him using her inner muscles.
She was soon to follow, just as he was about to come off the high she came all over him. This made the orgasm even more intense for him and he groaned aloud. She threw her head back and moaned, calling his name.
Soon both were expended and she collapsed against him, leaning on his chest and toying with his crisp chest hair. "Let's go home hunny," she murmured.
He pushed her away and looked intently at her face. "I've never seen you like this. It's intriguing I must say."
"Who did you think I was, some horny bimbo?" She giggled and smiled down at him.
He smiled slightly and answered, "no I knew who you were, just thought this new look was interesting and I'd like to see more of it lover."
"Anytime baby." They rearranged their clothes and started out of the sauna for home.

We agreed to meet at the park for lunch. It was supposed to be a nice day, however when lunch rolled around thunderstorms had moved into the area.
Finally, I took your hand in mine. I ran my fingers over yours; I kissed your hand as we locked eyes. I kissed your wrist and the back of your hand. Then I put your thumb into my mouth and sucked very sensually as we looked into each other’s eyes. I pulled you close and we kissed gently, softly and long.
My hand was in your hair, feeling how soft it was, I pulled your head back and kissed and sucked your neck. I heard you moan, your breathing lips moved to your ear and sucked on your ear lobe breathing into your ear. My fingers unbuttoned your blouse and I see a beautiful white lace bra. I cupped your breast and gently bit and kissed your breast. I felt your hand hold my head against you. Your other hand found my hard cock through my pants. I raised my head, we kissed....hungrily and passionately.
I suggested we go to someplace more comfortable and you agreed. We drove to my house and the storm seemed to worsen. Inside I brought a big soft comforter and laid it in front of the fireplace. The fire provided the only light, rich golden light flickers over us. There was a flash and boom from the storm. We both undressed and admired each other’s bodies. Your hands caressed my hardness and tell me you love the smooth shaven feel of my cock. Leaning over you kiss and suck the head of my cock, mmmm you say, as you taste the precum that is dripped from me. I brought your head up and you shared the taste with me.
I pulled you down on the comforter and positioned myself between your legs; my hands rubbed the inside of your thighs. You looked so beautiful lying there in front of me. I licked and kissed the inside of your thighs; I could smell your delicious musk and wanted to taste you so much. I rubbed my cheek over your smooth mound and inhaled mmmmm babe. I slipped my tongue into your wetness. The warm juices entered my mouth.
Your hips raised to meet my mouth. Looking up I saw your body reacting to my touch. I felt your fingers in my hair pulling me closer. Licking and sucking your clit into my mouth, the softness of your skin excited me as I moved my tongue. Your muscles flexed and relaxed with waves of pleasure. Using the end of my tongue I lapped at your hard clit and then the full length of your lips sucked your juices as I went. Your moans and the sudden tensing of your body told me I had done well. You lay there breathing hard as I sucked the sweetness from your body.
You told me to lay on my back, you took my cock and sucked the dripping precum from me,,,, the feel of your mouth taking my shaft into you was so electrifying to my senses Then you straddled me and held my cock in your hands, slowly lowering your wetness down on to me. We looked into each other’s eyes as you teased me by letting just a little of me into you. You could see it was driving me crazy. I placed my hands on your hips and pulled you down on to me as I thrust my hips upward to go deep into you as I could.
We held each other’s hands and looked into each other’s soul as you gripped me. You were so tight as I tried to go deeper into you. Our faces lost composure as we did our mating moves. Our bodies together moved with raw lusty jerks and groans. My hands held your breasts as my hips lifted you off the floor. My whole body wanted the release that would pour into yours, mixing our cum together. Both of us were dripping with sweat by the fire as we created our own. My breaths were coming faster. Our gaze almost never broke that connected the body and spirit making us one. You leaned forward and said fill me now Anthony.... And I did.
We lay together relaxing, talking and kissing. It was as if the storm mirrored our sexual feeling for it now had become a gentle rain. We heard a car door close and the door opened. My wife looked upon us and said someone had been enjoying the storm with a smile, We made some drinks and felt that there may be another storm brewing.